Due to my studies following my dream to become Level designer,
I learned web developement and a bit of graphism.
Thanks to that i have been able to find a job as dev web before going on my own.

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The Lab


I worked for one year as web developper front in Limpide Agency (based in Paris). This year was surely the best experience gain i ever had. I worked for so many companies like La Poste, Chronodirect, CRPN, Verdie, Seloger and in different tasks, like mailing, installing new website, updating some and even being the main developper for Marketeam which was the hardest project in front dev...

Lechat LGD

My own company since 2014 I'm working on multimedia content, like logos, websites, and now 3D modeling. This company was my first contact to then have an offer by Limpide Agency. And still works for some client like CRPN as translation support.


Final year internship before going on Level design studies, Thanks to AVXcom I discovered the professional world of web developing and found a work i please as front developer.

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