William is a young Game and level designer ready to melt his brain for game mechanics to reach the best games and levels.
By his youth, William is very courageous and dare to rush headlong into video game conception.
His constancy and perseverance led him to join The "Master Arena" Team followed by the creation of the studio "Powered Games Entertainment".

Level Design

Adding meshes and creating atmosphere is what he prefer. Creating a world, starting with nothing to end with a lovely universe and nice points of view. Giving a level the best interaction you can considering your mechanics, that is the most important point for William in level design.

Game Design

By giving a great importance to Level design, William search the best ideas in game design to get levels as awesome as it can be and funny to play.

Web developing

Seeing web development like level design, he likes to give life to websites, creating the structure and adding assets from the designer.

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